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Needing relief from the chaos of managing finances is normal. You can rest assured Revelations Financial Solutions will help you find a path forward to success.

From cleaning up your historical accounting to building out forecasts, from managing month-end close to managing predictive cash flow, from doing the work for you to training your team on best practices, we will discuss where to start and what steps are needed to move forward – successfully.

Brenda Schulze

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We’re here to alleviate the headache of managing your books and interpreting the results so you can work on the business and make decisions based on solid financial information.

Month-End Close

Complete bank and credit card reconciliations, make any key adjusting entries and perform reconciliations for key accounts such as loans, accruals needed, and other items that might be specific to your industry or company. Perform a high-level review of transactions to identify any material misstatement.

Year-End Close & Tax Prep

Year-end services include what’s done for month end, but takes a deeper dive. Ensure all fixed assets are accounted for, all accounts are reconciled, and cut-off between the two years are in order. Work with your tax accountant to prepare what’s needed and answer questions. 

Basic Financial Statement Prep

Income Statement & Balance Sheet are provided as standard. Other statements or management reports can be added, as agreed upon.

Clean Up & Chaos Control

It happens to most growing companies at some point. You think you have things under control, or you think things are going “well enough,” only to wake up one day and realize things are NOT okay.

Cash Flow Management

Help review your cash position and set up a basic cash flow management system that works for your team.


Working with your team, we will start by finding the best way to estimate your future revenue streams. From there, we will work to budget related expenses to create a bottom line net profit goal your team can all rally around. Additional budgeting for Balance Sheet or Cash Flow Statements can be added on. 

Forecasting & Scenario Planning

Creating and maintaining a rolling forecast each month or quarter can add real value to your financial insights and goals. We understand that creating a budget at one point in time often becomes obsolete in no time. We can help navigate these waters by providing partnership and accountability.

Staff Training

We can help train staff on Quickbooks functionality, basic accounting concepts, running reports, basic compliance guidance or best practices in records management and retention.

Review Of Work

Depending on the number and complexity of transactions and your staff’s expertise, this could be spot-checking at month-end or could be providing weekly check-ins.


We will help you pick the right level of Quickbooks to serve your company’s current needs, help provide an updated Chart of Accounts, implement new features, and integrate with other apps.

Payroll, Contractor & Basic HR

We can set you up on Quickbooks Payroll or partner with your current provider to help ensure you are staying in compliance with payroll & contractor rules. We also have resources for basic Human Resource needs, such as Employee Handbook set-up, Job Descriptions, Performance Reviews, and related.


Fill the gap temporarily while you fill an open position. Train, mentor and review the work of a new staff member to become self-sufficient.

Once we get your books organized and cleaned up, your new overwhelming feeling will be one of relief.
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Revelations Financial Solutions has been a combination of my early childhood interests and my lifetime career in accounting, finance and process improvement. My goal is to help small and growing organizations take their minds off finances and focus on what’s important to them.

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